The company A.A. EFTHIMIADIS & SIA ¤.┼. was established in 1975. The main sector of its activity is the sale and the repairing of new, as well as of second-hand JOHN DEERE agricultural machines, as an official representative.

The companyĺs headquarter is at Farsala, in Larissa, in the centre of  Thessaliaĺs plain. Our extensive experience and our update about the developments in the agricultural field, render us responsible towards the Greek farmerĺs needs.

The companyĺs staff disposes a wide range of specialization, an extensive and successful journey. Due to this fact, the company is always able to provide effective services and as a result the maximum offer of prices to its customers

We provide high quality services in very competitive prices, having as a unique aim to completely satisfy our customers by covering all their needs.

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